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Available Colors and Prints for Tops:
Available Style Numbers for Tops:
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 (Point to the Style for a Description)
ALS Ribbon Left 3930, 3930L, 4930, 5180, 5586, 5780, PC78,
Abstract Blues 115MD,
Abstract Origami 129MD,
Adios Halloween 289MD,
Aloha Hearts 129MD,
Alphabet 270MD,
Amethyst 137MD, 181,
Amethyst (Koi style - 181) FREETOP,
Anaconda 324PR,
Apple Pie 115MD,
Appletini 3100MD, 3104MD, 3105,
Appletini/Navy 3106MD,
Atmosphere 264PR,
Authentic 309MD, 309MD,
Autumn Floral 129MD,
Baby Floral 322MD,
Bed of Roses 350MD,
Beverly Hills Girl 258MD,
Birds and Butterflies 346MD,
Birds of a Feather (Landau style - 4085) FREETOP,
Black 113, 113MD, 134SE, 137, 172, 173, 175, 204K, 225, 242MD, 243MD, 247, 259MD, 261PLM, 2653, 2657, 267MD, 268MD, 273MD, 275MD, 282MD, 283, 287, 289MD, 291, 292, 293, 294MD, 305MD, 309MD, 3100MD, 3108, 3109K, 3112, 315, 316, 317, 321, 347, 348, 349, 351, 352, 356MD, 358, 359, 360, 363, 364, 367, 447, 651SE, 653, 654, 655MD, 656, 660, 661, 663, 667,
Black (Koi style - 172) FREETOP,
Black Beauty 115MD, 115SE, 134SE,
Black Emboss 664PR,
Black White Leopard 341MD,
Black/Big Splash 244MD,
Black/Electric Blue 3102MD, 3106MD,
Black/Gold 247MD, 327,
Black/Gold Foil 361MD,
Black/Gold Stars 271MD,
Black/Hologram Silver Star 271MD,
Black/Lipstick 247MD, 271MD,
Black/Neon Pink 244MD,
Black/Paper Bouquets 244MD,
Black/Silver Metallic Wings 302,
Black/Spicy Red 3102MD, 3106MD,
Black/White 3100MD,
Black/X-Ray Yellow 244MD,
Bling Camera 258MD,
Bling Camera (Koi style - 258) FREETOP,
Blooming Mums 322MD,
Blue Nile 242MD,
Blush 113, 137, 247MD, 321,
Bora Bora 323MD,
Brazil 251MD,
Bright Garden (Med. Uniform) FREETOP,
Brighton 242MD,
Brightside 134SE,
Butterflies 342PLM,
Butterfly Applique 167MD,
Butterfly Camo 242MD,
Butterfly Festival 115MD,
Butterfly Kisses 115SE, 134SE,
Butterfly Love 325MD,
Butterfly Melody Warm 134SE,
Butterfly Nector 288MD,
Butterfly Park 319MD,
Butterfly Sprinkles 344MD,
Cactus Flower 350MD,
Camel 175MD, 204KMD, 247,
Camel LTD 113MD,
Camellia 115MD,
Camelot Rose 129MD,
Camo Ceil 2112PR,
Camo Cerise 2112PR,
Camo Navy 2112PR,
Canary 113MD, 309MD,
Canary/Black 252MD,
Caribbean 137, 175, 247, 316, 317,
Carnation Petals 190KMD,
Ceil 113MD, 137MD, 175MD, 2112, 2114, 2657,
Celebrate Tokidoki 129MD,
Celestial Camo Black 655MD,
Cerise 2112, 2113,
Charcoal 137, 3100MD, 3108, 3109K, 316, 317, 347, 351, 352, 358, 359, 367, 667,
Charcoal Emboss 664PR,
Charcoal/Contrast Trim 661,
Charcoal/Fierce Fuchsia 3102MD, 3106MD,
Cherry Jubilee 116MD,
Chili Red 277MD,
Chili Red/Trix Rabbit 113MD,
Ciao, Bella 258MD,
Ciao, Bella (Koi style - 258) FREETOP,
City Love 115SE, 270MD,
Club Koi 344MD,
Coco Pops 115MD,
Coco the Monkey 113MD,
Cocoa 650,
Cognac 155, 650,
Confetti Floral 325MD,
Cool Blue 113, 137, 204K, 274MD, 277MD, 288MD, 305MD, 314,
Cool Cheetah Blue 115SE, 246PR,
Cool Cheetah Pink 134SE,
Cornflower 113MD, 137MD, 286,
Cornflower/Navy 252MD,
Cosmos 350MD,
Craft Patchwork 129MD,
Crazy Dotties 345MD,
Crossroads 249MD,
Daisies and Dots 129MD,
Daisyland 115MD,
Deco Butterfly 190KMD,
Deco Floral 312PLM,
Deep Sea 137, 204K,
Deep Sea Friends 115MD,
Delicate Petals (Landau style - 8109) FREETOP,
Denim Splash 115MD,
Designer Floral 115MD,
Diabetes Ribbon Left 3930, 3930L, 4930, PC78,
Diamonds (Med. Uniform) FREETOP,
Disco Leopard 350MD,
Dot Dot Dot 249MD,
Dot Tropical 115MD,
Drifting 289MD,
Driftwood Camo 242MD,
Driftwood Camo Lipstick 289MD,
Eat, Love, Travel 279MD,
Eggplant 247MD, 321,
Electric Blue 3100MD, 3105, 3109K, 3112, 316, 317,
Emboss Black 357PR,
Emboss Charcoal 357PR,
Emboss Grape 316MD,
Emboss Mullberry 316MD,
Emboss Navy 357PR,
Emboss True Ceil 316MD,
Emerald 137MD, 309MD,
Emerald/Pineapple 113MD,
Emoji 353PR,
Enchanted Scroll (Landau style - 4063) FREETOP,
Espresso 137, 173, 188, 650, 654,
Espresso (Koi style - 188) FREETOP,
Espresso LTD 113MD,
Evening Floral 115MD,
Fab Floral 190KMD,
Fashion Glasses 113MD,
Faux Lace 134MD,
Festival Floral 350MD,
Fierce Fuchsia 3100MD, 3104MD, 3109K,
Fierce Fuchsia/Navy 3106MD,
Fight Like a Woman 3930, 3930L, 4930, 5180, 5586, 5780, PC78,
Fight Like a Woman Heart 3930, 3930L, 4930, 5180, 5586, 5780, PC78,
Fireworks 115MD,
Flamingo 113, 137, 175MD, 181, 225, 247, 275MD, 283, 291, 315, 316, 351, 352, 358, 360, 367,
Flamingo (Koi style - 181) FREETOP,
Flamingo/Toucan Sam 113MD,
Flirty 115MD,
Flora 350MD,
Floral Drift 115MD,
Floral Haze (Landau style - 8109) FREETOP,
Floral Medley 242MD,
Floral Puzzle 115MD,
Floral Valley 129MD,
Flower Boa 366MD,
Flower Puffs 129MD,
Flower Stripe 129MD,
Flying Beauties 115MD,
Forever White Burnout 101MD,
Freesia Floral 115MD,
French Lilac 204K, 247MD, 274MD, 275MD, 286, 288MD,
French Lilac/Hula 113MD,
Froot Loops 115MD,
Frosted Flakes 115MD,
Full Bloom 165MD,
Fun Flower 115MD,
Galaxy 137, 175, 225, 247, 351, 352, 654,
Geo Bamboo 270MD,
Gingerbread 365MD,
Give Love 167MD,
Granite 2650,
Grape 137, 204K, 259MD, 267MD, 273MD, 277MD, 282MD, 289MD, 292, 294MD, 316, 317, 348,
Groovy Butterfly 269MD,
Gypsy Rose 300PR,
Halloween Portraits 366MD,
Heat Wave 161PR,
Heather Gray 188,
Heather Gray (Koi style - 188) FREETOP,
Heavenly Wings 129MD,
Hombre Fringe(Landau style - 4096) FREETOP,
Home Run 4 the Cause 5180,
Home Run 4 the Cure 3930, 3930L, 4930, 5586, 5780, PC78,
Home Run Lou Gehrig 3930, 3930L, 4930, 5180, 5586, 5780, PC78,
Hope Cure Live 3930, 3930L, 4930, 5180, 5586, 5780, PC78,
Hot Magenta 3100MD,
House Work Is Evil 279MD,
Hunter 137, 172, 181, 247, 3108, 3109K, 316, 317, 654, 667,
Hunter (Koi style - 181) FREETOP,
I Want It All 258MD,
I Want It All (Koi style - 258) FREETOP,
Ice Blue 175MD,
Ikebana 297MD,
In The Pink 115MD,
Ink Spots 249MD,
Inspired 129MD,
Iridescent Butterfies 365MD,
Island Palms 115MD,
Ivy Rose 344MD,
Jacquard Roses 262MD,
Jaguar - black 418MD,
Jazzy Pink (KD110 style - 8300) FREETOP,
Jazzy Spots 323md,
Joyous 115MD,
Jungle Flowers 224MD,
Jungle Girl 129MD,
Junk Food 305MD,
Key Lime 204KMD, 225, 274MD, 288MD,
Khaki 351, 352, 358,
Kiss Kiss 134SE, 197MD,
Koi Pow 328MD,
Lamour 196MD,
Larkspur Buds 224MD,
Leopard Python 301PR,
Leopard Rose Black 3104MD,
Leopard Rose Electric Blue 3104MD,
Leopard Rose Navy 3104MD,
Leopard Rose Spicy Red 3104MD,
Leopard Rose White 3104MD,
Leopard Royal Blue 267MD,
Leopard Ruby 267MD,
Leopard Spots 115SE, 270MD,
Leopard Ultramarine 267MD,
Liberty 190KMD,
Light Flight LTD 129MD,
Lightening Strikes 319MD,
Lilac 2112, 2113,
Limeade/Navy 252MD,
Lipstick 137MD, 204KMD, 247md, 259MD, 267MD, 273MD, 282MD, 289MD, 292, 293, 294MD, 309MD,
Little Lilies 341MD,
Loomed Flowers 115MD,
Love Affair 280MD,
Love Bomb 328MD,
Lucky Charms 289MD,
Mademoiselle Rose 263PLM,
Magic Potions 115MD,
Mardi Gras 350MD,
Martini Girl 258MD,
Memphis Floral 280MD,
Meow 326PLM,
Merlot 137, 175, 247, 259MD, 294MD, 650,
Mermicorno Wave 289MD,
Midnight Rose/Flamingo 197MD,
Mini Cheetah 134MD,
Mint 137, 204K, 356MD,
Mint/Looking for Shells 269MD,
Monkey Business (Med. Uniform) FREETOP,
Moofia 115MD,
Moon Walk 129MD,
More Dots 249MD,
Motion 297MD,
Mulberry 316, 317,
My Love 344MD,
Mystic Butterfly 310PLM,
Naughty or Nice 258MD,
Navy 113, 113MD, 134SE, 137, 162, 173, 175, 188, 204K, 207ROS, 2114, 224MD, 225, 242MD, 247, 254, 259MD, 261PLM, 2653, 2657, 267MD, 268MD, 273MD, 289MD, 291, 292, 293, 294MD, 3100MD, 3105, 3108, 3109K, 3112, 316, 317, 321, 347, 348, 349, 351, 352, 356MD, 358, 359, 360, 363, 364, 367, 651SE, 653, 654, 655MD, 656, 660, 661, 667,
Navy (Koi style - 173) FREETOP,
Navy Emboss 664PR,
Navy/Appletini 3102MD, 3106MD,
Navy/Cornflower 250,
Navy/Embroidered Mermaid 247MD,
Navy/Fierce Fuchsia 3102MD,
Navy/Hologram Silver Star 271MD,
Navy/Hot Magenta 3102MD,
Navy/Kaiju 113MD,
Navy/Limeade 250,
Navy/Malibu/Fuchsia 158PR,
Navy/Silver 327,
Navy/Silver Foil 361MD,
Navy/Silver Metallic Heart 302,
Navy/Tony the Tiger 113MD,
Navy/True Ceil 3102MD,
Navy/Ultramarine 247MD, 271MD,
New Zazzle 3100MD,
Night Shade 224MD,
Noir Plaid 115MD,
Nordic Vest 174MD,
Nouveau Camo 115MD,
Ocean View 224MD,
Olive 137,
Paint Box Floral 196MD,
Painted Lips 328MD,
Painted Skin 297MD,
Paisley Confetti 115MD,
Paisley Lace 190KMD,
Paisley Picnic 115MD,
Palette Tulipets 289MD,
Palm Burst 297MD,
Panther Rose 149MD,
Papaya/Unicorno 247MD,
Paper Bouquets 280MD,
Paper Tear 328MD,
Paradise Green 315MD, 316MD,
Pebble Floral/Olive 129MD,
Penny Lane 119MD,
Penny Lane Emerald 119MD,
Perfume 113MD,
Personals 258MD,
Personals (Koi style - 258) FREETOP,
Petal White Burnout 101MD,
Petite Pineapple 322MD,
Petite Rose 322md,
Pewter 2650, 651SE,
Pina Colada 115MD,
Pink 113, 137, 274MD, 309MD,
Pink Ribbon Left 3930, 3930L, 4930, 5180, 5586, 5780, PC78,
Pink Sachet 363, 364,
Pink/Camel 252MD,
Pink/Cool Cheetah 244MD,
Pink/Pineapple 113MD,
Pirates and Sirens 269MD,
Pixel Dot 115MD,
Pixel Dots 147SE,
Playtime Patchwork 322MD,
Plum 259MD, 261PLM, 267MD, 273MD,
Poetry 129SE, 249MD,
Poolside Leopard 134SE, 249MD,
Pop Culture 270MD,
Pop Flower 134SE,
Pretty In Pink 167MD,
Primrose 129MD,
Pure Elegance 165MD,
Purple Passion 3100MD, 3105,
Raspberry 137, 204K, 224MD, 247, 275MD, 289MD, 292, 316MD, 317MD,
Red Vineyard 340PR,
Renaissance Floral 280MD,
Retro Bloom 246PR,
Retro Camo Black 655MD,
Retro Camo Navy 655MD,
Retro Patchwork 129MD,
Retro Plaid 147SE,
Rio 249MD,
River Floral 297MD,
River Wash Floral 167MD,
Rockstar Leopard 264PR,
Rocky Road w/Ultramarine 242MD,
Rope 147SE, 246PR,
Rose 294MD, 349, 351MD, 352MD, 358MD,
Roses are Blue 115MD,
Royal Blue 137, 155, 172, 173, 175MD, 181, 204K, 243MD, 247, 259MD, 267MD, 273MD, 291, 293, 294MD, 309MD, 3100MD, 3103, 3105, 3108, 3109K, 3112, 316, 317, 351, 352, 356MD, 358, 650, 654, 655MD,
Royal Blue (Koi style - 172) FREETOP,
Royal Blue/Black 3106MD,
Ruby 113, 137, 175MD, 181, 247, 259MD, 267MD, 273MD, 293, 294MD, 316, 317,
Ruby (Koi style - 178) FREETOP,
Ruby/Silver Metallic Butterfly 302,
Running Zebras 307PR,
Sassy Spots 249MD,
Scandinavian Paisley 115MD,
Scrolled Butterfly 341MD,
Sea Glass 224MD,
Seeds 290MD,
Selfie 319MD,
Shaded Garden 115MD,
Shades of Purple (Med. Uniform) FREETOP,
Shadow Paisley 289MD,
She Devil LTD 258MD,
Showered With Flowers 115MD,
Skin Tight (Landau style - 4067) FREETOP,
Slate Gray 3100MD,
Slate Gray/Fierce Fuchsia 3102MD,
Snap Crackle Pop 115MD,
Social Butterfly 129MD,
Soft Floral 345MD,
Sound Waves 115MD,
Speckles 149MD,
Spicy Camo 115MD,
Spicy Red 3109K,
Splash Animal 115MD,
Splatter 251MD,
Spot On 196MD, 418MD,
Spots and Hearts 300PR,
Spring Botanical 350MD,
Spring Bouquet 346MD,
Spring Patchwork 129MD,
Springbok 224MD,
Springtime Flowers 134SE, 251MD,
Stamped 319MD,
Star Light 242MD,
Star Navy 167MD,
Star White 167MD,
Steel 113, 137, 175, 204K, 225, 242MD, 247, 259MD, 267MD, 273MD, 275MD, 287, 289MD, 291, 292, 293, 294MD, 316MD, 317MD, 321, 356MD, 650, 654, 655MD, 660,
Steel/Pink 173,
Stone 173,
Straw Flowers 115MD,
Strawberry Fields 129MD,
Succulent Floral 115MD,
Summer Sunflowers 297MD,
Sunshine Tropical 242MD,
Sweet Coral 247MD, 274MD, 275MD, 286, 288MD,
Sweet Tranquility 322MD,
Sweetheart Flamingos 167MD,
Sweethearts 298PR,
Tahiti Village 251MD,
Tangled 288MD,
Tiger Denim 289MD,
Tokidoki Buffet 329TKD,
Tokidoki Space 115MD,
Tokidoki Sushi 190KMD,
Tony the Tiger 252MD,
Topaz Blue (KD110 style - 8300) FREETOP,
Tossed Lipsticks 115MD,
Toucan Sam 252MD,
Tourist Girl LTD 258MD,
Transcend 242MD,
Trix are for Kids 289MD,
Tropical Batik 115MD,
Tropical Palms 662PR,
True Ceil 137, 175, 204K, 224MD, 225, 247, 259MD, 2650, 267MD, 273MD, 275MD, 283, 287, 291, 293, 294MD, 3108, 3109K, 3112, 316, 317, 351, 352, 358, 651SE, 655MD, 667,
True Ceil/Cool Cheetah 244MD,
True Ceil/Navy 3106MD,
Turquoise 113, 175, 181, 204K, 247, 275MD, 291, 321,
Turquoise (Koi style - 181) FREETOP,
Turquoise/Contrast Stitching 137,
Turquoise/White 171,
Type Corageous 3930, 3930L, 4930, PC78,
Ultramarine 113, 204KMD, 259MD, 261PLM, 267MD, 273MD, 283, 289MD, 292, 293, 294MD,
Ultramarine Tokidoki 113MD,
Ultramarine/Silver Metallic Star 302,
Umbrella 299PR,
Urban Floral (Med. Uniform) FREETOP,
Verde 224MD,
Vineyard 115MD,
Vintage Hibiscus 115MD,
Water Drop Floral 341MD,
Watercolor Butterfly 134SE, 196MD,
Wavy Paint Stroke 129MD,
Which Way 329PR,
Whimsy Floral 134SE,
Whisked Away 345MD,
Whispering Wings 115SE,
White 137, 162, 175, 188, 204K, 2112, 224MD, 225, 243, 247, 261PLM, 273MD, 274MD, 275MD, 277MD, 283, 288MD, 291, 305MD, 3100MD, 3106MD, 3108, 3109K, 3112, 315, 316, 321, 351, 352, 356MD, 358, 363, 364, 447, 654, 655MD, 663,
White (Koi style - 188) FREETOP,
White Butterflies 167MD,
White Leopard 115MD,
White/Flamingo 254H,
White/Neon Peach 252MD,
Wild Animals 242MD,
Wild Flower 115MD,
Wild Jaguar 115MD,
Wild Zebra 324PR,
Wine 137, 175, 3108, 3109K, 3112, 316, 317, 351, 352, 358, 654,
Wine/Rose Gold Foil 361MD,
Winged Darlings 362MD,
Wisteria 178,
Wisteria (Koi style - 178) FREETOP,
Zazzle 3100MD,
Zebra Rose 297MD,
Zebra Stitched 350MD,
Zebra Zebra 264PR,
Zig Zag Snake 264PR,