FREE Tall Pant

(While Supplies Last)

This ladies pant, manufactured by KOI, is yours FREE if your shipped order SUBTOTAL (after any discounts but before shipping and tax) is $149 or more. This is a $23.95 value that is yours FREE.

If your order subtotal is $149 or over, just choose your Pant color and size below, add it to your shopping cart and we'll do the rest!

(Please Note: You cannot return this for a credit or refund. If you return any items on your order and it makes the original order subtotal fall below $149 then you will be charged $23.95 for the pant if it is not returned in original condition.

If we are unable to ship an item on your order, you must substitute the non-shipped item with another item to keep your order subtotal on or above $149 to still qualify for the free pant.)

ONLY ONE FREE ITEM ALLOWED for orders $149 and over.

If multiple free items are found on your shopping cart, the additional free items will be removed from your order.

Starting at:

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Amethyst: Koi-709

Black: Ecko-2600 Closeout Price

Black: Koi-3703 Closeout Price

Black: Koi-709

Camel: Koi-709 Closeout Price

Caribbean: Koi-709

Charcoal: Koi-3703 Closeout Price

Cornflower: Koi-713 Closeout Price

Espresso: Koi-709

Fierce Fuchsia: Koi-3701 Closeout Price

Flamingo: Koi-709

Granite: Ecko-2600 Closeout Price

Hunter: Koi-3703 Closeout Price

Ice Blue: Koi-709

Lilac: Ecko-2704 Closeout Price

Lipstick: Koi-716 Closeout Price

Merlot: Koi-709 Closeout Price

Navy: Ecko-2600 Closeout Price

Navy: Koi-3701 Closeout Price

Navy: Koi-3703 Closeout Price

Navy: Koi-709

Persimmon: Koi-709

Pink: Koi-709

Plum: Koi-716 Closeout Price

Rose: Ecko-2704 Closeout Price

Royal Blue: Koi-3703 Closeout Price

Royal Blue: Koi-709

Ruby: Koi-709

Slate Gray: Koi-3700 Closeout Price

Steel: Koi-709

Stone: Koi-601 Closeout Price

Sweet Coral: Koi-713 Closeout Price

True Ceil: Ecko-2600 Closeout Price

True Ceil: Koi-3703 Closeout Price

True Ceil: Koi-709

White: Koi-3703 Closeout Price

White: Koi-709

Wine: Ecko-2704 Closeout Price

Wine: Koi-3703 Closeout Price

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